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Brush vs. Brushless Motors for Consumer Products Applications

Making the Right Motor Selection When designing consumer products whether they be vacuum cleaners or other floor care products or other products such as treadmills or kitchen appliances, it is important to understand your options to be able to produce the highest quality, most competitive product. Nowadays, a motor can be seen as the heart of most electrically powered consumer products. Whether...

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Electromotor Group Announces Relationship with Leili Motors to Develop US Market

Electromotor Group is proud to announce our new relationship with Leili Motors to develop the US market on their behalf. Leili Motors has been manufacturing reliable fractional horsepower motors for consumer products such as Medical Beds & Apparatus and Treadmills for over 20 years.Leili’s ability to produce high quality, proven motors at scale with Electromotor Group’s US-based Sales, R&D,...

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ElectroMotor Group’s OptiMotor Division Announces New BLDC Motors for Vacuum and Other Consumer Products

Electro Motor Group's OptiMotor division now offers advanced state of the art BLDC (Brushless DC) motors specifically designed for portable battery powered vacuum and other consumer products.Benefits and features of these motors include: Overall airflow efficiencies as high as the 50+ percent range Benefits resulting from the ultra high airflow efficiency include: Longer battery run time at the...

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ElectroMotor Offers Premium 3 Stage Motors for the Central Vacuum Market

No vacuum cleaner manufacturer wants their customers frustrated by premature motor failure.ElectroMotor now offers premium 3 stage motors for the Central Vacuum Market. Many installed central vacuum systems demand higher performance OEM vacuum motors. That's because vacuum heads with tools are moving from being electrically driven to being air driven. Many homeowners don't want to deal with...

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Ametek – Lamb OEM Vacuum Motors to Electromotor Group Cross-Reference Chart

Are You Looking for Alternatives to DFS Ametek OEM Motors in Production Quantities? Electromotor and Optimotor offer highly competitive, reliable alternatives with a high-touch service ethic. We are also great at problem solving, if your current motor design is not performing up to specs or suffering premature failures, feel free to reach out to discuss your application. We may already have an...

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The new Optimotor division expands our product line even further!

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