Our History:


OptiMotor was founded in 2014 to extend our product range to solve additional challenges for our customer base. We work with global suppliers to assemble a broad range of complimentary products that meet our stringent technical and quality specifications. OptiMotor applications include ventilation equipment, agricultural machinery, cleaning equipment, pumps, hydraulic equipment and transmission equipment and other industrial fields.

Industry Support:


OptiMotor prides itself on delivering high quality products. Excellent customer service, highly knowledgeable technical & agency support, as well as, short lead times add to the overall package that OptiMotor has to offer.

While we currently have 100’s of models available, OptiMotor can also expedite development of custom performance options.


More Than a Motor Company:

OptiMotor is more than just a motor company. We approach business with a partnership mindset. We work with our customers throughout the development process, offering excellent technical and agency (UL/CSA/IEC) support. Inside OptiMotor’s Lab, we can develop a custom motor for your application.

The new Optimotor division expands our product line even further!

Electromotor is headquartered in Piney Flats, TN - USA

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